The Power of Brainstorming Groups

Have you ever spent hours trying to decide how to proceed with a project you’ve been working on? Probably most of us could nod our heads in agreement. Yet start explaining your problem to someone else and suddenly your next steps become obvious. That simple act of discussion seems to trigger ideas.

Why Do You Write?

Writing is a joy for many people; a way to express their views on many things, writing allows them this gift of expression and hope. Mentally it is a thing that people use to define the events and people who matter to them.

Finding Your Buffalo

There is a story about a farmer who owns a buffalo. Not knowing that the buffalo is in its stable, the farmer goes off to search for it, thinking it has strayed from home. Starting off on his search, he sees many different buffalo footprints outside his yard. The footprints of buffalo are everywhere! The farmer then thinks, “Which way did my buffalo go?” He decides to follow one set of tracks and they lead him up into the high mountains, but he doesn’t find his buffalo there. Then he follows another set of footprints that lead way down to the ocean. However, when he reaches the ocean, he still doesn’t find his buffalo. His buffalo is not in the mountains or at the beach. Why? Because it is back home in the stable in his yard.

Cultivating Hope

Karen Casey’s book, Cultivating Hope, is a wonderful and hopeful book about how an individual can live a life that is fearless and meaningful at a time when such virtues are so difficult to find. We live in a very troubled time, socially, personally and financially. This is why Casey’s book is so important for us today. Casey also comes from a troubled background. All she really wanted out of life was for others to change. This, she thought, would ensure her security. However, she later discovered that she was the one who had to change. Although this was difficult for her to accept at first, she did keep trying to open up to the idea that if she didn’t change, nothing else would either.

The Importance of Critique Groups For Writers

There is a central importance to critique groups for writers. The world of a writer can often be an isolated one. Writers, like everyone else in life generally, will benefit from balanced feedback about their writing. Being a part of a critique group, as a writer, can really improve the quality of your writing.

The Social Media World

What did I used to do with myself before I got a computer? Did I really have a life with hobbies and activities of my own? How did I ever manage? The thought of going away and not being online for a day or two is almost too much for me to imagine. Does it matter that most of the email I get is advertising or forwards of a joke that has been passed on way too often? Don’t I realize that the chain letter that promises wealth and happiness if I send it to ten people is really a waste of my time? Don’t I know that my dishes are piled in the sink and the dust is gathering around my feet? Can I not see that my clock says one a.m. and I need to get up at six?

American Ingenuity in the Innovation Age

We are currently in the innovation age as demonstrated by the fact that humankind’s knowledge is doubling every ten years, and probably more so in technology. America can thrive in an age like this. Why? Let me give you ten good reasons. America is a nation of immigrants who came here for a better life for the most part. Therefore they have the genes to initiate changes in business, education, computers, the Internet and practically all the fields of human endeavor that require reason.

Why Do Writers Write?

Once an individual starts writing, its almost impossible for him/her to stop. Writing becomes a person’s passion, joy and compulsion. A serious writer writes at the bus stop, in the dentist’s office, in cafe‚’s, as well as on beaches, in lonely woods, at his computer, and sometimes even in bed. Some writers begin as hobbyists or recreational writers, jotting down ideas after work or on the weekends when they have a free hour. They may find themselves spending more and more time at the writing venture until they think about it most of the day.

Autonomous Decision Making

Applying philosophy to your everyday life can play a central role in learning more about your ability to consistently make decisions in your life that are the result of the application of an autonomous decision-making process. Autonomous decison-making flows from authentic living.

Life-Long Learning

Learning is a life-long process that you can benefit from continuing to engage. Learning raises self-esteem and self-worth. Learning is part of how each one of us continues to evolve as a person. You are never too old to learn something new. Learning keeps each person in touch with his or her passion.

Writing about what we care about

It is always best for writers to write about what they are passionate about. If something really matters to you, you should write about that because you will have the most likelihood to have the manuscript written. Otherwise, writers who don’t have a passion about what they are writing have a tendency to let such ariticles, blogs, or manuscripts fall by the wayside before completing them.

Increase in Hockey Violence – Is hockey becoming a blood-sport?

There has been and continues to be a steady increase in the violence in the game of hockey. Hockey is, of course a physical sport. However, increasingly it is becoming a blood-sport. The growing lack of respect that players have for each other and each other’s lives is alarming. When fans watch a hockey game they do not want to see a player’s head slammed so hard into the boards or glass that his skull is fractured. Fans don’t want to continue to witness the senseless inflicting of brain trauma that head shots cause. Fans don’t want to see what we saw happen just last night, Sunday January 17, 2010 in a game in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL). The hit on – the dirty, violent, and intentional elbow viciously delivered to the head of Mikael Tam of the Quebec Remparts who crashed to the ice convulsing and who actually did stop breathing for 30 seconds

Developing Your Own Beliefs and Values

The hallmark of any philosophical venture and the living philosophically is to think critically about your own beliefs and values and to determine what you care about the most. Once you figure out what your beliefs and values are, you will be able to act and make authentic decisions.    But one may ask, why is [...]

The Importance of Philosophy for our Times

Over the next few months, I will be blogging on the topic of the importance of philosophy for our times. We live in uncertain times, when the media has the upper hand, people are struggling financially, and the political and social unrest. Airports are plagued with the threat of terrorist attacks. People are scrambling, trying to believe in something [...]

Voice is not Style of Writing

Over the years, I have discovered that voice is not the same as writing style. I have also blogged here about the importance of discovering your writing style. This should provide you quite a few hints about how you can write at your most optimal.

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