Grief – A Process of Gaining Perspective and Coping

Grief is what it is. Grief is a part of life. Grief is a process that unfolds whenever we suffer, experience, or feel loss. Some reasons for grief are obvious – the death of a loved one, loss of a job or relationship, for example. Reasons for grief can be subtle – unfinished emotional baggage from childhood interfering with goal identification and achievement in the here and now, for example. Life Coach, A.J. Mahari outlines 7 keys that help the grief process and 7 keys that hinder the process of grieving.

Pets and Vaccinations – Helpful or Harmful?

I have had pets most of my adult life. We have laws that require us to vaccinate our pets. Our veterinarians remind us yearly that our pets are coming due again for these vaccinations. I have now had two very bad experiences with pets and vaccinations. One was years ago and it cost my cat his life. One is on-going right now with my puppy, Buffy, currently, and suddenly after having her second set of vaccinations at just 12 weeks of age became lame, had a fever, with all four paws swollen – diagnosis – Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD). In Buffy’s case it is highly suspected, even by my Vet, that Buffy’s HOD is a reaction to her last set of vaccinations. Are vaccinations, as recommended by most vets helpful or harmful?

Loneliness – Pervasive, Powerful, & Purposeful

Loneliness is, on one level a universal experience. There is a collective experience, to some degree, by each and every living individual of what it means, from time to time, to be lonely. The degree to which anyone finds loneliness a painful experience, of course, varies and is related to your level of personal awareness and to the choices that you have made and are making in your own life.

New Year’s Resolutions Promote Fat Phobia

The focus on weight loss promoted by a bloated and dysfunctional diet industry causes many New Year’s resolution ideas and media-based stories to focus on people of size in ways that promote fat phobia. Size and self acceptance would be a much more productive New Year’s resolution on the part of everyone.

The Application of Philosophy To Adaptation, Change, and Goal Achievement

The very autonomy that philosophy can give us the freedom to discover and experience is feared by many. We want to be free of our unresolved issues and our pain or discomfort but we are often afraid to part with what is familiar long enough to experience something new.

Balloon Boy Heene Family and Reality TV

Colorado Sheriff Jim Alderden reported today, in a news conference, that not only was the Balloon Boy a hoax but apparently a scam possibly backed and funded by a reality television show. The television show or reality-tv outlet or company was not named.

Balloon Boy Bamboozle A Bust

The Balloon Boy Bamboozle was busted wide open as a hoax after all and right out of the mouth of young Falcon Heene on Larry King Live. There were suspicions beforehand but when Falcon Heenie answered Wolf Blitzer’s question, on CNN’s Lary King Live, about why he hid so long by looking to his father and saying, “… you said we did it for the show” it wasn’t only his words that gave up the hoax but his father’s body language and fumbling around attempting to avert what Falcon had blurted out.

Enlightenment Begins With The Serendipity of Paradox

Enlightenment is many things. It is even more specifically many different things to each and every individual. Awakening to your own personal enlightenment involves choosing to actively seek to expand and nurture a growing awareness. An awareness that seeks to breathe within and from the rich paradox of serendipitous synchronicity.

What’s In A Size?

What’s in a size? What is it that drives the media machinery that reflects our values and fears back to us reasonably accurately and has resulted in such fat-phobic and sizist cultures? What’s in a size has all to do with numbers that people manipulate to try to control what sells in this materialistic consumer-driven consumptive world.