3 Negative Effects of Blocked Emotions

It is so important to mental health to be in touch with and connected to your feelings. Too many people are not successful in actually feeling what they feel. Why? Because they are too busy trying to escape or distract themselves from what they feel. Not all feelings are painful. But, feelings that are repressed, ignored, not felt or connected to, do become cumbersome, painful, and continue to grow in their negative perception and experience.

When One Loves To Read Every Book Is A World Waiting To Be Born

It is important to realize the fundamental and vital role that books play in our lives. Books are vehicles for education, connection, and entertainment. Books serve many purposes both for those who write them and those who read them. The wisdom, knowledge, experience, history, and imperative information imparted through the reading of books enriches us and connects us as it weaves, within our over-all experience in life, a tapestry of what the journey of humanity entails and encompasses.

Footsteps of the Past Obstruct The Here and Now

As a Life Coach, BPD Coach and Mental Health Coach, A.J. Mahari talks with clients every day who are in the on-going experience of having their footsteps from the past obstruct their here-and-now in ways that mean unidentified and unreached goals and dreams. Footsteps from the past do not have to continue to obstruct your here-and-now. Mahari knows first-hand that the first step in creating a here-and-now unfolding authenticity in your life journey – to reach your promise and potential and unleash your passion – is to awaken to the awareness that you are looking back more than you are living now and more than you can look ahead with any confidence.

Grief – A Process of Gaining Perspective and Coping

Grief is what it is. Grief is a part of life. Grief is a process that unfolds whenever we suffer, experience, or feel loss. Some reasons for grief are obvious – the death of a loved one, loss of a job or relationship, for example. Reasons for grief can be subtle – unfinished emotional baggage from childhood interfering with goal identification and achievement in the here and now, for example. Life Coach, A.J. Mahari outlines 7 keys that help the grief process and 7 keys that hinder the process of grieving.

Recovery From Sexual Abuse Is A Journey

Author and Life Coach, A.J. Mahari, talks about the reality that sexual abuse recovery is a journey. In many ways it is a life long journey. The actual healing process of recovery may not be life long but there is an element of childhood sexual abuse that is life long. What that is exactly depends upon the choices that one makes in his or her own life.

Loneliness – Pervasive, Powerful, & Purposeful

Loneliness is, on one level a universal experience. There is a collective experience, to some degree, by each and every living individual of what it means, from time to time, to be lonely. The degree to which anyone finds loneliness a painful experience, of course, varies and is related to your level of personal awareness and to the choices that you have made and are making in your own life.

“Dirty Laundry” and The Paradox of Evolving Enlightenment

Adhering to the paradox of the quest to air “Dirty Laundry” while at the same time sweeping the past and its pain under the proverbial rug is a sure-fire way to deny your own individual evolution – your own personal enlightenment. It is not an authentic way to live your life. It is a painful and limiting way to live your life. It is a paradox that if not resolved, more often than not, results in a polarization that does not promote mental health or healthy relationship styles.

Enlightenment Begins With The Serendipity of Paradox

Enlightenment is many things. It is even more specifically many different things to each and every individual. Awakening to your own personal enlightenment involves choosing to actively seek to expand and nurture a growing awareness. An awareness that seeks to breathe within and from the rich paradox of serendipitous synchronicity.

The Healing Touch

Authors of the book, The Body Has A Mind of Its Own, Sandra and Matthew Blakeslee as you to imagine lying on a therapy table as a healer places her hand under the back of your neck. Her touch is gentle, calm, tranquil. She places her other hand lightly onto your left shoulder, then onto your right shoulder. A sensation of tingling warmth ripples through your body. A nagging pain in your lower back begins to drain away. It’s not vanquished, but it fades drastically. You relax under the spell of the healer’s hands.

Dialectic Magazine

Welcome to Dialectic Magazine. This is a new online magazine that will have a wide ranging focus on the endless interaction of conflicting ideas that make up the rich paradoxical nature of experience.

There are many types of paradox. In and through each and every paradox what is being sought after, found, processed, or realized is some measure of what is true. The more we can bring an awareness of what is true in our lives, what is authentic, the more we can enrich our intellectual, psychological, and spiritual experience of the here and now.

Articles, essays, interviews, poetry, prose, fiction and non-fiction will provide an eclectic blend of information, food for thought, and entertainment.

As Sir Frances Bacon once said, “Knowledge is power”.


Dialectic Magazine by nature of its mandate and mission has roots in being media itself. Media is a much more prolific presence in many forms. Nothwithstanding our status as a small part of what is considered to be media, we will be examining the role, influence, nature, and effects of media on how people feel about themselves and the world in which they live.

Mental Health

Dialectic Magazine will be providing information, people’s experiences, and opinions on the subject of mental health. Contained within the scope of mental health is both all that comprises and supports mental health, wellness, and a balanced emotional approach to life along with understanding more about the challenges faced when one has a mental illness.